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OPI Console and SDK Download

For Exploration Kit ONLY  (Note: the Exploration kit and the ReLax kit are not compatible with each other, due to differences in sample rate and RF settings.)

NEW: OPI Console V1.40 and SDK V1.10 release, with Spectrogram in SignalViewer.

NEW: Update Controller and Sensor firmware; Download and install FirmwareUpdate

Please download, unzip, install the USB driver in folder /win_usbcdc_driver, and run on your Windows: opiconsole.exe 

Recommendation: separate User Profile (stored in opic_cfg.txt file) should be maintained for each user in separate directory with OPIconsole program.

For Windows:   opiconsole_win_v1.40 20140427  (including useful data sets in demo folder)   The new Z-viewer intuitively captures meditation, sleep and dozing events and changes. With more robust MM upload routine.

For OSX:   opiconsole_osx_v1.40a_20140111  (including useful data sets in demo folder)

SDK for Windows:  opitsk_windemosdk__20131122

SDK for OSX:  opitsk_osxdemosdk__20131122

SDK for LINUX (Ubuntu 12.04):  opitsk_linuxdemosdk_20131122

SDK for Raspberry Pi (Raspian "Wheezy" 2013-02-09):   opitsk_linuxdemosdk_20131122