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TrueSense Exploration Kit Descriptions

For Exploration Kit ONLY  (Note: the Exploration kit and the ReLax kit are not compatible with each other, due to differences in sample rate and RF settings.)

The TrueSense Kit (TSK) is the first affordable, ultra-compact, ultra-low-power, bio-signal acquisition kit that allows bio-signal capturing anywhere, any time and on multiple body locations. The bio-sensor DIY kit can capture various bio-signals conveniently and has capabilities comparable to products like EEG, EKG monitors. However, the DIY kit is not considered a medical device and should not be used for monitoring or treating a medical condition.

The TrueSense kit and associated software development kit (SDK) supports Open Formats (.EDF and .WAV) and Open Applications, so you can freely access, analyze, archive and share your own bio-signal sets, and for using with a wide range of existing and emerging free and low-cost open-source applications.  If you are an enthusiastic, experienced programmer, you can participate in developing more Open Applications for sharing with other community members and the general public.

For your understanding, we support Green Environment, and we, together with our partners, have eliminated most unnecessary casing, packaging, brochure and other non-functional objects, accessories and weight to the best of our ability. Please read thoroughly the descriptions, instructions and intended uses on our distributor’s web site and our web site before you consider acquiring your DIY kit. Please help conserve our planet’s resources by not purchasing any DIY kit unless you are familiar with its described functions and operations and intend to use it to perform your own experiments. This will help to reduce your loss in shipping and handling costs, and help all of us to reduce any impact on our environment.

Follow Start-123 to start using the DIY Kit within minutes.  For more detailed descriptions, please read Get Started with TrueSense Kit: a Brief Manual to learn how to operate the DIY Kit.

The TrueSense Kit (TSK) consists of 3 main components, the sensor (S), the memory module (M) and the controller (C), plus various accessories to make taking bio-signal measurements easy.  The Kit can be used either in interactive sessions (bio-signal monitoring, bio-feedback, game play, etc.) or off-line recording sessions (sleep, meditation, exercise, video or music events, etc.) or both.

A personal computer (desktop, notebook, netbook or tablet) is required for transferring and storage of bio-signal data sets for various applications.  Internet connection is required to download reference material, SDK and Open Applications.


1.  The Sensor (S): suitable for measuring EEG, ECG/EKG, EMG signals, capturing motion and posture activities, as well as environmental electromagnetic pollutions (EMP).

TS sensor

  • 2-electrode (bipolar) signal acquisition, 2000X high gain amplifier
  • 512Hz sampling rate, 13bit effective dynamic range
  • Built-in 3D (XYZ) accelerometer for motion and posture capturing
  • Rechargeable LIR1220 button cell, typically >16hrs use time with full charge
  • Off-line bio-signal recording of 11+ hours when memory module (M) is mounted
  • Proprietary low-power ZigBee (2.45GHz) TDMA wireless signal transfer for interactive sessions
  • Support for multiple sensors, multiple controllers, time synchronized operations
  • Dry or Gel (multiple use) mini-electrode configurations


2. The memory module (M):

  • Off-line bio-signal recording of 11+ hours when mounted on sensor (S)
  • High quality data not degraded through RF transmissions
  • Off-line data upload to computer through the Controller (C)



Sensor with Memory Module mounted


3. The Controller (C):


  • Connects to computer USB port for interactive or off-line bio-signal data transfer and battery charging
  • Dual buttons (Positive, Negative) and 4 LED's for easy tagging and event markers
  • Rechargeable LIR2032 button cell, typically >48hrs use time with full charge
  • Proprietary low-power ZigBee (2.45GHz) TDMA wireless signal transfer for interactive sessions
  • Support for multiple sensors, multiple controllers, time synchronized operations

TS set


Sensor, Controller with Memory Module inserted


Sensor plugged into Controller with Memory Module inserted


4. Carrying Case and Accessories (A):

  • Compact metal box (80mm x 34mm x 10mm) for easy carrying and protection
  • Dry electrode set (silver coated electrode, plain mylar patch)
  • Gel electrode set (silver coated mylar patch, reusable adhesive gel pads)
  • Flexible silicone head-band and elastic string
  • Preformed adhesive tapes
  • USB cable
  • Nonstick protective sheet


silver (Ag) plated electrodes with plain mylar patch (above, used as Dry electrode) and mylar silver patch (below, can be used with adhesive gel as Gel electrode).


Preformed adhesive tape


Silicone headband with elastic string inserted and tied in a “8” knot.


Short USB adapter and Non-stick sheet inside metal carrying case.


Top of metal case, for easy carrying and protection of electronics, electrodes.