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How to apply preformed tape?

To attach Sensor in wide variety of locations across the body for exploration is no easy task. Both aesthetics and stability are prime considerations.  While silicone headband and wristband are very convenient and easy to use for their intended locations, clear preformed tape is designed for other more difficult locations or if you simply want to have an even less obtrusive look while wearing the Sensor.

The clear preformed tape is individually sealed in an envelope for good hygiene.  To open it, locate the end of the envelope with two separated sheets, and simply pull them apart to remove the preformed tape.

The preformed tape has two overlapping protection sheets to make application to the skin easy. It has two punched holes to match the studs of Electrodes (either in dry or Gel pad confingurations).

First, place the Mylar Electrode (with Gel pads mounted) set on the Non-stick sheet, gently pull back half-way (note: do not pull away completely) the two protection sheets to expose the punched holes, align them with the studs, and attach the center portion of the preformed tape to the Mylar Electrode set, with the two studs extending through the holes, rub gently to secure the adhesion between the tape and the back of the Mylar Electrodes.  Leave the protection sheets as-is until you are ready to attach the Electrodes to the skin, then simply pull away one of the protection sheet and attach that end to skin, then the same with the other side. Rub gently to make sure you have good smooth adhesion throughout without kinks or folds. Any time you feel the adhesion may be loose, simply rub gently over it and the adhesion will improve. The same procedure is used for attaching to dry silver-plated electrodes.

The preformed tape can actually be removed and re-attached to the skin with good adhesion, if care is taken not to contaminate the adhesive surface, and always keep them on clean Non-stick sheet provided while not in use.

After used for a few times, the adhesion surface may have been contaminated and lost its adhesion capability, then it's time to replace it.  Make sure to carefully protect the Gel pads (which can be re-used for longer durations) on the Non-stick sheet while replacing the preformed tape.  Have a replacement new preformed tape already removed from its envelope at the ready, gently pull back one end of the used preformed tape from Mylar surface and lift through to the other end and discard the used preformed tape. Immediately attach the replacement preformed tape as discussed above.  Note: the exposed Mylar top surface has been protected by the used preformed tape, and is clean but with some adhesive residues, therefore it's not a good idea to touch, handle or clean it after being exposed.  It's recommended that you do a thorough cleaning in mild detergent or solvent, after removal of used Gel pads and before attaching replacement new Gel pads.