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How to apply breathable waterproof adhesive film?

To attach Sensor in wide variety of locations across the body for exploration is no easy task. Both aesthetics and stability are prime considerations.  While silicone headband and wristband are very convenient and easy to use for their intended locations, clear preformed tape is designed for other more difficult locations or if you simply want to have an even less obtrusive look while wearing the Sensor.

ComfoPore breathable waterproof film (6X4cm, 20 ea) in Accessory Pack is suitable for even more demanding adhesion requirements, for secure, comfortable, long duration electrode taping.  Simply stretch the transparent thin film over electrodes and skin and attach tightly and firmly to skin, the electrodes can easily break through the thin film and make good electrical contact with bio-sensor electrodes.  You may cut each ComfoPore film (6X4cm) into two pieces (3X2cm each) for more efficient usage.

The clear breathable waterproof adhesive film is individually sealed in an envelope for good hygiene.  To open it, locate the end of the envelope with two separated sheets, and simply pull them apart to remove the breathable waterproof adhesive film inside.