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Interviews, Tutorials and Presentations

Video Tutorials:

1. Learn how to setup TrueSense kit and see your bio-signals in action using LiveDisplay:  GetStart: LiveDisplay video tutorial

2. Learn how to play Posture Game and see how muscle tension affects brain wave signals:  GetStart: Posture Game video tutorial

3. Learn how to view, edit and convert bio-signal data set using ViewConverter:  GetStart: ViewConverter  video tutorial

4. Learn how to synchronize between your brain and your heart in GetStart: BioFeedback video tutorial

5. Learn how to upload data from Memory Module, while viewing Posture, Pedometer and Activities captured in the data set: GetStart: Data Upload and Activity/Posture Viewer video tutorial

6. Learn how to set data window for Sleep and Meditate analysis: GetStart: Set Sleep Meditate video tutorial

7. Learn how to run Sleep Analysis: GetStart: Sleep Analysis video tutorial

8. Learn how to run Meditate Analysis:  GetStart: Meditate Analysis video tutorial

9. Leran how to use signal Viewer to learn more about your sleep:  GetStart: Viewer for Sleep EEG video tutorial

Recent Presentations and Interviews:

1. Dr. Fu-Chieh Hsu at TEDx Taipei (June 13, 2013)

2. At the Quantified-Self Europe Conference 2013, May 11-12 in Amsterdam: Dr. Fu-Chieh Hsu (TrueSense Kit): "Our brain is the most complex thing in the universe" (#FMT @ #qseu13)